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And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have eachother.

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  2006.12.27  10.30

So...Brett Matt Anthony

so many boys so little time =/

lets see...
Brett's mad skinny...don't like skinny boys....pat's best friend....we get along...

Anthony's real nice...virgin...works at K Mart...DRIVES!...

Matt is Matt...doesn't drive...pays for my gas...stoner...personal teddy bear haha....yea

Eleni is probably going to make fun of me for this...choosing a boy threw my journal lol.

Well Christmas was good. I'm hanging out with Brett today.

I'm sleeping at Anthony's on Saturday night. And Matt doesn't care. I was scared to ask him....but then i remembered he isn't a cock like Blake.
I got a new phone! Cuz I dropped mine and the screen fell off...I got the LG VX8300 and I fucking love it! =]

Gotta go get ready! Mad stuff to do today!

Mood: bored

  2005.11.01  16.34

Ask me five questions. Think hard. Ask good ones.
No matter how personal, private, or random, I'll answer.

I have to answer them honestly.
I have to answer them all.
I won't get angry.


  2005.02.22  22.58

Mood: cold

  2005.02.16  15.12

                 Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up, and will stay away just to see you sleep, wait for a boy who kisses your forehead, and who wants to show you off to the world even when your in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks your just as pretty without makeup on, one who constantly reminds you of how much he cares & how lucky he is to have you, the one who turns to his friends and says "thats her!"

Mood: loved

  2005.01.31  14.33
Friends ONLY

 <333 Matt! Ahhh so hot!

Mood: crazy

  2005.01.06  19.54

AWWW!!!Collapse )

Mood: loved


  2004.11.22  16.34

33 thingsCollapse )

Mood: amused

  2004.06.27  17.00
Friends only!

credit to __rock_couture she is AWESOME! comment to be added <3

Mood: Comment!

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